Pest & Termites

Don't Move Into an Infested Home

Schedule a termite inspection in Casper, Glenrock, Cheyenne, Douglas, WY and the surrounding areas.

Are you 100% sure that your future home is free of termites and other damaging pests? If not, hire All About Home Inspections to complete a thorough inspection. Our owner and operator is licensed for pest inspections and pest control. Call or text (307) 776-9290 today to make an appointment.

pest termite inspection Casper, WY

What will our Casper, WY inspector find?

Are there critters hiding behind the walls of your potential home? All About Home Inspections can offer you peace of mind. Here are three common invaders our inspector will look out for:

  1. Termites - These wood-devouring insects will eat away at the structure of your home. Don't risk buying a dangerously infested property!
  2. Carpenter ants - Despite their name, carpenter ants won't improve the structure of a home. Make sure the property is 100% free of these troublesome insects.
  3. Fungi - Fungi could be an indicator that the home suffers from wood rot. Find out the full story.

Call or text (307) 776-9290 today to schedule your appointment.